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2011-03-11 05:26 am

(no subject)

And then my laptop's hard drive died! Not-hiatus for me for the next few days because I'm on an ancient Norwegian desktop computer and this keyboard is awkward and unless there's a post that I absolutely cannot resist at all I'm probably going to focus on other things until my new hard drive gets here.

In the meantime, have some keys that are unique to this keyboard; æ¨æ¨æ¨æ¨æ¨æ¨æ¨æ¨æ¨æ¨øøøøøøøøøøøøøøøøøøøø§§§§!!!!
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2011-01-03 10:46 pm


Kodachi has four days and is going back to Nerima to make sure that the Kuno estate and her rhythmic gymnastics team are both in order and will dedicate much of her time to the upkeep of both. And she might occasionally socialize with a couple people here and there. Maybe. (And maybe try to hunt down either Shampoo or Ukyo to see if she's surpassed either of them yet with what she's learned in camp.) She will also probably dump her non-Mr. Greenturtle II pets off at the estate too, in order to better terrorize her brother.

Ty Lee has three days and she's going back home to the Fire Nation with Azula. Her schedule is probably very dependant on when Azula is doing boring political stuff and when she's actually willing to do stuff that's fun. Otherwise she'll be hanging out with Mai and flirting with soldiers and maybe spending time at her family's estate if only to check in with her sisters and the servants and basically everyone other than her parents :|b
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2010-12-09 08:56 pm

(no subject)

Okay, let's do this gift giving thing! I play Kodachi, Ty Lee, and Roxie except I heavily doubt Kodachi is giving anyone anything this year (maybe Violet gets some notes Kodachi's taken on local plant life in camp and its practical applications and like. A cookie).

GENERALLY SPEAKING because I like this guideline:

Ty Lee gives gifts to anyone she's spoken to a few times and has a positive impression of! She really likes giving clothes/things she thinks would look cute on the recipient.
Roxie probably isn't giving gifts to... most people, really, and in most cases it'd probably just be a sketch of some sort, but there are exceptions! And I can always go into detail on what the sketches actually consist of.

Comment if you want specifics!
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2010-10-02 02:07 pm


ASK A QUESTION it can be anything CFUD related, OOC, IC, Relationship, psychology, thoughts, whatever. I.E. My character's opinion of your character or maybe what you have been wondering about this behavior or that, or general thoughts on my characters or canons or what, who I might consider topping you into apping, etc.

WHEN I REPLY I will also ask you a question in turn!

I play Kodachi Kuno, Ty Lee, and Roxie Richter and I used to play Takashi Kamiyama, Hidan, Steven Hyde and Stacy Rowe. And if you list your characters when you comment that would be extra-awesome.
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2010-09-02 01:58 am

Counseling stuff!

Ty Lee is being counseled by...
Dick Grayson
John Watson
Rick O'Connell

Kodachi Kuno is being counseled by...
Eric Northman
Kazama Daisuke
Nowake Kusama
Yuki Eiri

Roxie Richter is, regrettably for them, counseling...
Sakura Sakurakouji
Yukimura Sanada

My weekday hours are... well, much of the day I'm probably somewhere where I can thread, but in terms of hours where I will probably be accessible via IRC it's 3:30 PM PST onwards until stupid o'clock AM, because I don't get a healthy amount of sleep. Otherwise, feel free to tag this post with your availability or if you have a character out somewhere or... something. Planning is clearly not my strong suit.

One exception in terms of me really being around, though, is this weekend, since I'll be at all three days of PAX and while that means I'll have wifi access (and, indeed, I do really love hanging out in the bean bag chair areas when I've got nothing better to do), I'll probably not be on IRC whatsoever. I might thread a teensy bit, but even then there'd just be hours of nothing in between replies. So, that's it! Talk to me, let's do a thing (and if you're one of Kodachi's counselors maybe we should figure out how much of an immoral bitch she can get away with being at you, sob).
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2010-02-24 02:33 am

PLAYER INFO MEME I'm sure it's been rather a while since the last one I did

I am: Mathias/Mat/Token Male/I Don't Have a Hip Internet Nickname @ [livejournal.com profile] mechamummy

I Play: Kodachi Kuno ([livejournal.com profile] getrhythmic), Stacy Rowe ([livejournal.com profile] ifuwant2bloved), Ty Lee ([livejournal.com profile] head_overheels)

I Used To Play: Steven Hyde ([livejournal.com profile] deadbeatgoeson), Hidan ([livejournal.com profile] feelsyourpain), Takashi Kamiyama ([livejournal.com profile] justicesquared)

Contact: I am usually on IRC as TyLee though not always like I used to be. Otherwise I am on gmail/gchat as tokyomagnum@gmail.com, and AIM as goteamseaslug.

EMERGENCY Contact: ... uh. I dunno. Katara and Zuko both have me on gchat and they're who I talk to most regularly on it so maybe them? This is where I fail, I am the hopeless social recluse of the Seattle crew.

Availability: I am generally around on IRC most weekends and late afternoons/evenings, PST! And I'm on gchat... pretty much whenever I am not asleep, in transit, or in a class where hiding behind my laptop isn't encouraged. And half of the time I'm on gchat when I'm asleep, I just forget to switch statuses or go invisible.

Timezone/Language: PST, English.

The Playing Experience: I am not as fast at tagging as I once was! I really can't explain why. But this is a thing I am going to work on getting back on track with. I am generally good for either casual stuff or humor or serious business (seriously I think I have put Ty Lee through more teenage angst than Ty Lee should ever be put through. IT'S ALL ZUKO'S FAULT I mean... no, that's what I mean).

Goals: Get my characters on track. Thread with new people! Make connections! My biggest problem over the past six months is that I've been coasting on established relationships and given that for two out of my three characters most of those established relationships are not in camp anymore this is a problem.

Betaing: I rarely volunteer anymore because I'm a college student now and I just don't have the presence of mind. But if asked I always will and I try to give useful crit, generally in the areas of app flow and whether I'm really sold on the character being in camp and what makes them unique and awesome, because those are the things I often tend to vote based on.

AUs: ... aaaaaahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Oh, gosh. Sex AUs will probably never happen, especially considering who... well, all of my characters are, really. Post-camp AUs or what-have-you I would be very down for, though.

Pimping: I don't think I've... ever done a pimping post! I am not good at pimping my canons to other people. And I don't know how well pimping at me actually works, if at all. Ty Lee is my only app that was like "______ is playing ______ in CFUD and so I must play _______." I do love watching/reading/checking out new things, though! Even if I already have a Netflix queue that exceeds two-hundred DVDs, um.

Other: Sometimes I start talking about professional wrestling for minutes on end. Just smile and nod, I'll move on eventually.
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2010-02-09 11:14 pm

hopefully this will be less weird than the last one

ASK A QUESTION it can be anything CFUD related, OOC, IC, Relationship, psychology, thoughts, whatever. I.E. My character's opinion of your character or maybe what you have been wondering about this behavior or that, or general thoughts on my characters or canons or what, who I might consider topping you into apping, etc.

WHEN I REPLY I will also ask you a question in turn!

In this way we talk at each other, which is fun.

I play Kodachi Kuno, Stacy Rowe, and Ty Lee.
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2009-12-25 01:11 am

(no subject)

Okay, it's Christmas Day and I have hard drives to reinstall so this is just a quick gift list for Ty Lee and Ty Lee only because she's the one who has like. An actual list. God these are so lazy I'LL DO BETTER NEXT YEAR

For Mai, Azula, Misa, Chuck, Mulan, Aang, Katara, Mikage, Brook and Kallen )

If I forgot people it's not a reflection on them, it's a reflection on me being a flake and just trying to get stuff done so I can sleep :(
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2009-12-22 08:08 pm

player info meme!

I am a guy who doesn't have a DW account right now. I will fix this eventually.
I play Ty Lee ([personal profile] head_overheels) and Roxie Richter ([personal profile] the_ex_in_excessive).
Contact Methods: my super-old 2005 I'm too lazy to start an entirely new gmail address e-mail address is tokyomagnum at gmail.com! Very rarely I'm in IRC as Roxie.
Timezone and Scheduling Issues: PST! I have become a super-erratic threader
Posting/Jumping/Thread-Dropping: Super-rarely but if you want to co-run a post let me know/please do/I do it sometimes.
Comfort Levels: If I'm uncomfortable with something I'll let you know! I don't really have any set rules.
Essays and Memes: Is this a question? I don't know how to answer this.
Beta-ing: I think I've become the beta kiss of death. If asked I would totally do it though!
AU-ing: Proooobably not? YOU CAN ASK.
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2009-11-30 03:03 pm

(no subject)

Finally remembering to do this, rock. Not-hiatus from now untiiiiil about two weeks from now! Almost every night I'm going to be sitting in a dressing room with no wifi for five hours-ish, and all of my free time other than that will probably involve doing schoolwork for my classes or keeping myself sane re: this much school at any given time. So I'll probably only be on IRC every now and then, but I can be contacted via gmail/gchat at tokyomagnum@gmail.com if anyone needs anything! Peace.
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2009-10-18 01:34 pm

I'm bored at work and want to do this meme again

So I'm doing it again.

It goes LIKE SO. You comment here and ASK A QUESTION it can be anything CFUD related, OOC, IC, Relationship, psychology, thoughts, whatever. I.E. My character's opinion of your character or maybe what you have been wondering about this behavior or that, or general thoughts on my characters or canons or what, who I might consider raping you into apping, etc.

WHEN I REPLY I will also ask you a question in turn!

In this way we talk at each other, which is fun.

I play Kodachi Kuno, Steven Hyde, Stacy Rowe, and Ty Lee! And I used to play Hidan and Takashi Kamiyama so if there was anything there, ask away too (... and I might arbitrarily answer for them in blanket questions too if I have a good answer).
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2009-08-22 11:32 pm

[Locational lock to Somewhere In The Wilderness]

[On this late summer night in Camp Fuck You Die, Ty Lee has found herself in the outskirts of the woods preparing for something like the one-week mark of sleeping outside instead at either her own cabin or her girlfriend's due to a giant mess of issues and fail. This is the kind of deep, tortured anguish that requires a lot of brooding to one's self in complete seclusion from the rest of the world and pondering deep matters like the nature of friendship and so on.

... well, no, actually she's just stargazing and listening to "Take a Bow" by Rihanna. This is serious sulking, people.]
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2009-04-09 10:24 pm

(no subject)

Ooookay! So! Not-hiatus from now until Monday due to SakuraCon happening not that I've threaded even once this week, orz. And to anyone going, I won't be hard to spot tomorrow; just keep an eye out for this guy. ... yeah.
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2009-04-03 06:19 pm
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2009-03-20 04:32 am

Drop Meme

Still no actual dropping! And man I should really do threadlogging at some point huh. )

Also if you want me to jump you with any of my characters or anything like that, just let me know and I'll try to remember. Perhaps actually successfully this time! That would be pretty awesome.
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2009-02-11 01:00 pm

Five Things Meme

Y'all know how it works, ask a question and I list five things and so on.

Foooor Kodachi Kuno, Steven Hyde, Stacy Rowe, Hidan and Ty Lee!
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2009-01-14 09:37 am

Let's bandwagoning!

What's on the table: Relationships, First Impressions, Hot or Not, Essay, Drabble, Please Ramble About This At Me, Explain Your Thoughts on Their Thoughts, You Should Jump Me, App My Canon and whatever else you may want.

For Kodachi Kuno, Steven Hyde, Stacy Rowe, Hidan, and Ty Lee. Right on.