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Ty Lee ([personal profile] head_overheels) wrote2009-02-11 01:00 pm

Five Things Meme

Y'all know how it works, ask a question and I list five things and so on.

Foooor Kodachi Kuno, Steven Hyde, Stacy Rowe, Hidan and Ty Lee!

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Five opinions Ty Lee has of Mulan.

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1. As you already know, she thinks Mulan is a waaaay cuter girl than she is when she's pretending to be a guy.
2. She's especially happy that Mulan is done with being Ping because Ty Lee isn't really a big fan of people pretending to be things they're not, even though she respects Mulan's reasons for actually doing it.
3. She... actually misses the old panicky-over-being-draped-on-at-all Mulan because it was funnier to mess with her then.
4. BUT at the same time she's really happy to watch Mulan become more confident and less awkward and all of that so it really sort of evens out.
5. She is attracted to Mulan in that "Ty Lee finds lots of people attractive but doesn't really have to act on it" way, and if Mulan's thing for her the other day wasn't because of lovegoo Ty Lee would have maybe considered reciprocating.

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1. Force him to talk about his feelings at length.
2. Force him to watch some sort of documentary all about ~*women's issues*~
3. Find a way to genderswitch him again. Ideally, find a way to make him think he's a girl too.
4. Just do the pretzel thing again, that was hilarious.
5. ... lovegoo him. She wouldn't act on it or badtouch him at all, she'd just be really amused and nostalgic at him fawning over her.