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Name:Ty Lee
Birthdate:Jun 15
Location:Camp Fuck You Die, United States of America
Wow, this camp's aura is like a beautiful rainbow! I guess that means that everyone must be really happy, right?

... wait. Why are you guys laughing?

((RP journal for [info]campfuckudie, as played by [info]mechamummy. His aura's really more of a dark-ish violet, probably. Player contact stuff is here.

Also, all icons were made by [info]capthlock_rage except for when they were made by me occasionally (you can tell they were mine if they suck). Please do credit if you like them and want to use them yourself!))

Interests (51):

acrobatics, auras, azula, badtouch, being different, being myself, being upbeat, beyonce, boys in uniform, circuses, cute soldiers, cute water tribe guy, dangerous ladies, draping, flirting, friends with benefits, getting attention, girls in uniform, good karma, handstands, hopeless dorks, hugs, inner peace, looking cute, loving everyone, mai, martial arts, misa, not jet, not monogamy, not subtlety, not the boiling rock, not the earth kingdom, not the kyoshi warriors, not zuko ono, open relationships, ozai's angels, pink, poor decision-making, pop music, positive energy, pressure points, princess azula, punching as stress relief, rihanna, sexualitybending, skin care, teasing zuzu, the fire nation, tightropes, topping azula
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