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Ty Lee ([personal profile] head_overheels) wrote2009-03-24 11:46 am

March Threadlogging A-Go Go

[3/29] Meets the kind of religious zealot he hates. (Sydney)
[3/30] Crushes Shego's fragile, delicate hopes. Very fragile, y'know. (Shego)

[3/3] Megan drops. (Megan) -- ahaha I'm not sure if there's anyone Hyde actually likes who's still in camp

[3/2] Assaulted by flying pages. (Kantarou, Akazukin)
[3/5] Which inadvertently casts her in a play. Hating on ensues except when camp forces her to do the opposite. (Kantarou, Akazukin, Yzak, Toboe, Tokidoki)
[3/23] Owns Chizuru because it's been too long. (Chizuru)

[3/25] Really should be used to camp-enforced fashion disasters by now. (Warren, Wataru)

Ty Lee
[3/4] omg auras! Even if Azula's not so impressed. :( (Virgil, Misa, Azula)
[3/6] Surprising resistance to cheer vs. Chuck (... and I can't even 100% remember why anymore orz). (Chuck, Azula, Impulse)
[3/10] ITP: Misa is the best girlfriend ever. (Misa)
[3/10] Tiny!Jet is adorable and Zuko is just sort of pre-emptively shut down this time. (Jet, Zuko)
[3/12] Saves tiny!Jet from a beating. :/ (Jet, Hibari)
[3/18] And then Mulan deages too orz I failed at this thread (Mulan)
[3/18] Yet more tiny!Jet emasculation. Ty Lee approves (even if I failed a little here too). (Jet, Jennifer)
[3/20] More Zuko mockery. (Azula, Zuko)
[3/20] And more of that at the crossdresser's ball. (Azula, Zuko)
[3/24] Pokes at Azula after she's been drinking. General amusement ensues. (Azula)
[3/30] Oooh, clawgloves. (Azula)
[3/31] General awkward with Iroh and Azula. (Iroh, Azula)