Jan. 4th, 2009

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Comment with a character of yours that you'd like me to tag with one of mine. C'mon, do it.

Kodachi Kuno (Ranma 1/2): Rich, spoiled, ill-tempered, possibly borderline sociopathic practitioner of martial arts rhythmic gymnastics. Fond of poison, dangerous exotic pets, botany, opera, not winning friends and influencing people, and her fiance (who has already either left camp or will be very soon). Yeaaaah, she's a people person.
- Ivy

Steven Hyde (That '70s Show): Teenager from 1977 and endless fountain of snark, cynicism, and apathy. Does not like disco and fuck you for even mentioning it. And yes, he's heard every possible joke there is to make about his hair, ha ha ha it's a halfro, he knows, okay. Bring beer.

Stacy Rowe (Daria): Adorably neurotic and sweet teenage girl, and president (and sole member) of camp's Fashion Club. She's going to get around to making people aware that it still exists, really. Particularly fond of being around sweet, dorky guys she can get minor dumbcrushes on and toppy girls who she can fangirl a lot and get minor dumbcrushes on.
- Fiyero
- Glinda

Hidan (Naruto): Infamous rogue ninja (formerly Akatsuki, now freelance) and acting missionary of his crazy killer death religion. Is an asshole and proud of it. Interests include killing, casual conversations about killing, taking it upon himself to give Uchiha Itachi's life a soundtrack, curse rituals, and being relatively personable as far as murderous bastards go.

Ty Lee (Avatar: the Last Airbender): Bubbly, upbeat, new agey acrobat/martial artist/lesbian minion/drapist. Can see your aura but either cannot or has no interest in seeing your personal space bubble.
- Jerkface Water Tribe Guy

And yeah, I dropped a loooot of threads over the past few weeks so if I did it or do it in the future and you want to pick it up, just nag me. I'm in a weird state of being semi-burnt out right now so I forget things easily.


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