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Drop Meme


Status:... man. Basically, I have a handle on how I'm playing her post-Ranma and Akane dropping off-screen (I... guess that's what happened? I have no clue.). Of course, the inherent problem with it is that Kodachi's handling it by first of all refusing to talk about it or even mention that they're gone unless someone asked her about Ranma or something point blank, in which case she would mention it offhandedly as if it weren't a big deal even though it absolutely is a major, major thing that has left her very bitter and crazy(...ier). And secondly she's also handling it by becoming a huge recluse. Like, I imagine she spends the vast majority of her day in her hotel room except when she needs something from the library or is tending to her plants in the garden or her pet crocagator. Right now Kodachi is the sort of furious and unhinged that carefully masks itself as being in complete control at all times and I really need to do stuff with that.
Dropping: Not any time soon. I was considering it when pretty much the entire Ranma cast except for the Kuno siblings dropped, but I'm not ready to let go of her yet. Besides, she's my favorite character to screw with and I'm a terrible person. Kodachi is my second-most likely character to survive the calendar year.
Plans: Hunt down Chizuru over the personalityswitch disaster which she should have done a month ago really, find some sort of useful outlet for all of her negative emotions.


Status: See, Hyde is... I could drop him and nothing would change. At this point, he has no real connections in camp to other campers beyond casual acquaintance status with a small handful of campers he's known since like... '06. But at the same time, Hyde is my snarky bastard. Hidan is too, but Hidan can't make pop culture references and Hyde doesn't have that whole bloodlust thing to work through. I do not feel bad about not having Hyde socialize because Hyde has no interest in socialization and making friends. There are people I want to have him thread with more but it's not really a pressing thing; he's a backburner character for sure, but when I'm having fun with his threads I'm really having fun with his threads (teaming with France in CFUW a couple months ago, for example).
Dropping: No matter what it won't be before July, because dammit this year I am going to have him post on his third anniversary of being in camp so I can officially set the record for longest time between a character being apped and a character making their first post. This means a lot to me. Shut up.
Plans: ... well, that thing a line up. I also want to play him in CFUW at least once more this year.


Status: Ohhhhh Stacy. See, Stacy doesn't have the excuse Hyde does for me absolutely failing at playing her, and I love her and I love her dearly but as it stands I've played her for like... two and a half years and it's hard to really think of things to do with her. I've had a couple of flirtations with dropping her in the past only to pull a rabbit out of my hat and really enjoy playing her again, but right now I really need to dedicate time to reconnecting with her voice and what makes her different than Ty Lee beyond the low self-esteem and jitteriness, and I need to find a new place for her in camp. She needs some sort of focus and a new situation to play off of, pretty much.
Dropping: As it stands she's very much the closest to being dropped, but I want to give it at least a month because as I write this I'm definitely thinking of all the ways she can be fun to play if I just get my act together.
Plans: None. Sigh.


Status: I was really considering dropping him last month. This month I'm... well, I still might drop him within the next few months but I'm going to give him time. Hidan also has an express function as my gratuitous bossfight character, even if... actually doing fight threads with him gets agonizingly repetitive because Hidan is mostly just hack slash slash cut curse ritual. Hidan's got a reason to exist and just needs some focus and direction.
Dropping: Possibly within the half-year but definitely not immediately soon.
Plans: Hit on thread with Dru more. Meet Harmony. Be very cool with Spike's utter misfortune. Also, make a post on finding an adequate word to replace "ninja."

Ty Lee

Status: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
Dropping: aaaaaaahahahahahahahahahhaha
Plans: Post-reaging awkward with Jet, meeting new people because Ty Lee should be a social butterfly, dammit.

So dropping order right now's something like Ty Lee < Kodachi < Hidan < Hyde < Stacy. Yeah.

Also if you want me to jump you with any of my characters or anything like that, just let me know and I'll try to remember. Perhaps actually successfully this time! That would be pretty awesome.

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