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Ty Lee ([personal profile] head_overheels) wrote2009-12-25 01:11 am

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Okay, it's Christmas Day and I have hard drives to reinstall so this is just a quick gift list for Ty Lee and Ty Lee only because she's the one who has like. An actual list. God these are so lazy I'LL DO BETTER NEXT YEAR

Mai: New throwing knives. Admittedly selected under the criterion of what looks cooler than what's probably more effective but c'mon, new knives and they work fine :|b
Azula: NOTHING. Well, no. Ty Lee got her a very nice nail file and cosmetics stuff but since Azula isn't getting her anything Ty Lee will probably end up using all of that herself. So, um. So there.
Misa: Expensive-looking jewelery and books on martial arts and improving flexibility (... for martial arts-related reasons, you know.) Also lots and lots of PDA.
Chuck: A book on meditation, new earrings... and probably some sort of catalog in which male models are heavily emphasized because they bonded over eye candy earlier this year and that's important :|b
Mulan: A very manly gift of new weapons she can use to do martial arts in a manly way. ... also perfume.
Aang: A vegetarian cookbook.
Katara: ... god I don't even know. A bracelet? Something very "I figured I have to give you something but I have no clue what."
Mikage: Probably just winter wear and cookies that Ty Lee made herself and everything. Also a ball for Burupya.
Brook: CDs! Unfortunately it's Ty Lee so it's probably mostly like top 40 R&B.
Kallen: Clothes that Ty Lee thinks she'd look good (read: cute) in.

If I forgot people it's not a reflection on them, it's a reflection on me being a flake and just trying to get stuff done so I can sleep :(

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